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The power of nature should not be underestimated. Our planet has immense destructive power, yet it provides us with beauty and abundance, much like a caring mother. The only way to pay back is to treat it with the same respect and care that you would offer to your parents.

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Antarctica... Enormous, unconquerable, full of wonders... Although it seems cold, it is incredibly alive! Such genuineness! Such splendor! It is a pleasure to admire it!



She’s beautiful, she’s holy and she’s proud

unreachable and strong, above the clouds

then suddenly she’s sharp she switches moods

like a spring river in the mountain floods


And just as fast, she's calm and mild,

Like new leaves rustling in the breeze.

You are a woman, plain and wild,

Otherworldly, with a heart at ease.

Daisi epic

Hundred years ago the opera Daisi by Georgian composer Zakaria Paliashvili premiered. Throughout the past century, the "Daisi" from the opera Keto and Kote was performed in all over the world. George Licheli, a modern heir to Georgia's rich cultural heritage, gives his symphonic rendition of this classic.

Daisi Epic_edited.png


Autumn is more than just a season; it may also appear in relationships between loved ones. The heroes of this piece have challenges in their family life, and in a flash of rage and aggressive emotions, hurting each other, they forget about the most valuable thing they have.

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Little dream

I was raised by my grandparents and had limited contact with my parents. I was surprised to learn that it is many children's little dream to be close with their families. The majority of the children in this video are at a rehabilitation center, coming from troubled families. They were asked just to draw something and we were astounded that they all drew the same thing, their little dream - a happy family.

Too Late.jpg

Too late

It happens so sometimes, that it is too late and nothing can be altered. Sometimes the loved ones cannot be brought back. We can only endure this irreversibility and this life by preserving the memory of these people. Memories… Thank you for being with us… Savoring each minute spent with your loved ones while keeping in mind that sometimes it's too late...

Never late

When life allows you more time to live... When everything crumbles, yet God grants us a little more time on Earth... It is never too late. To embrace this life, to live this life, to love this life, to dance this life...

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Never Late.jpg


I've had to say farewell to my sister several times because she frequently relocated. But this time she moved to another country forever. I came to realize that there won't be any more opportunities to go for tea at any time, for no reason.  All meetings are now infrequent and have to be planned and scheduled. I performed this composition for the first time in Germany, at my sister’s wedding attempting to convey my feelings and emotions. I believe many people have been in similar circumstances in their life. I'm not sure how you handled separation, but after hearing this piece, I think you'll want to call that person, hear their voice and chat for a while.

Хранители времени.png

New reality

New reality... This is the title of George's new album. The world is trembling, and lots of people have to start their lives over... What will this new reality be like? The music will take you there, and your mind will conjure up images...



The human being and his worlds. They exist within him, producing an infinite number of universes. But as music is born, all of those worlds come together forming a new sound of life.

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Chinese vacation

I've been fortunate to travel extensively throughout my life, but visiting China remains a dream. To embrace wisdom, philosophy, and peace. This piece is how I imagine China to be. Let us begin our journey!


Time keepers

This is a kind of dystopian science fiction piece.

Today's world is becoming toxic in every sense of the word. Attitudes toward nature, wars, hellish music, and negative family relationships are all noticed by the Head Time Keeper, who is watching the Earth and realizing that it is slowly dying. He sends his emissaries to save the Earth through classical music. As a result, the planet Earth should once again turn green.

New reality.jpg

Dubai holidays

When I close my eyes and think of the sun and the sea, I always remember Dubai, where ancient traditions and modern technology coexist. So let’s explore the mysteries of the magical east together.

Курортный роман.png


The amount of energy in the universe remains constant; it simply changes form. Our actions, thoughts, and emotions are all part of this closed system. Through this composition, we hope to connect to the source of universal energy and transfer it to you.

Epic Tango.png

Closing my eyes

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine places and situations that bring you strength. It always helps. When I close my eyes, I picture a person, not a place - my beloved wife.

Быть Ангелом хотела.png
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Holiday romance

Buy me a beach house, on the sunny shore

blue coast and tall palms, with mountains nearby,

with salt in the air, a boat with an oar,

with first rays of sun, the birds sing and fly


Breakfast is served on the sunny terrace,

with cheese and wine in evenings we will dine.

on fancy beach like a regal heiress

I will enjoy some ice-cold sparkling wine


for morning coffee seagulls will join me 

just like two girlfriends who came by to chat.

I’ll dive in the pool, with hair flowing free

without any clothes, unbound, just like that


For rare Riviera visits by your friends,

I’ll even cook fondue with love and care

Promise you this, I will argue way less

and only colorful dresses will wear.


I’ll be inspired by the scenic view

my writing will be better than before

There is no way I’d grow tired of you

buy me a beach house on the sunny shore

Черная дыра.jpg

Epic tango

Tango... So much has been said, so much has been written... What do you think of the epic version of tango? George Liceli performs the Epic Tango with a symphony orchestra in his own style. It turns out that new amazing shades of feelings have appeared in the usual Tango.

Закрывая глаза_edited_edited.jpg

I tried to be an Angel

I tried to be an angel, but I failed

I’d cook, obey, be true, stand by the side

This lie I told myself, it has prevailed

And made me follow fate with measured stride


Perhaps I thought I needed to be flawless 

in order to be loved, no other way,

and to be happy, I would have to earn it

be useful, and from fights, I’d keep away


All artificial parts in time will break

the string cannot be stretched for far too long.

these circumstances we can not escape

sinner on earth, and that’s where I belong


sometimes out of my place, funny and loud

ambitious, passionate, get out of hand,

will cut the wings, I will be known and proud

will reach the bottom, but I’ll stay myself



and I will push with power that’s all mine

with my own dream, that’s genuine and true

and I won’t fly as angel that’s divine

even if wings will turn out to be broom

Planetary alignment

I enjoy contemplating the vastness and infinity of space. Supersonic travel to the nearest star takes 24 thousand years. When you think on such a grand scale, you understand that you are simply cosmic dust, a speck in the cosmos, and that pressing problems do not deserve our worries. The universe makes its own decisions.

Парад планет.png

The world is one

Life is a fleeting moment, and we don't realize how consumed we are by worrying about things that don’t matter. It is pointless to waste this priceless time on anything but kindness. It makes no difference what religion, race, or eye shape we have. The world is love, the world is one!

The world is one.jpg
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Janaya is a piece from the musical "Keto and Kote," based on the same-name opera by the great Georgian composer Viktor Dolidze. This composition has many cover versions, and this is my instrumental take.

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